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Vagabond Shore by Chained-Fei Vagabond Shore :iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 1 2 Ranma with Hair Down by Chained-Fei Ranma with Hair Down :iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 5 0
The Search
The Search
The heart long desires comforts touch
It guides thy actions, master of compassion
Hence yearnings guide thee overmuch
In absence of thy true loves satisfaction.
But what love be thine truly then?
Or what words so supple then defined this thing?
For it evades thine mortal ken
With as much substance as a departing dream.
Yet first gaze upon the bloom
Reveals thine folly and then thy mortal flaws.
Love sought then is love found too soon,
For from thy seeking is the evasions cause.
Pain is fleeting, truth comes to light;
Heart intemperate and thus deceiving tool.
For love’s illusion then takes flight,
And thusly you have been made into the fool.
Weep not for shadows passed this way,
Look toward the dawn, and ready thine embrace.
Wipe clear the clouds of faulty grace
And prepare thy self for true love’s divine face.
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 1
Grim Visage - Revised by Chained-Fei Grim Visage - Revised :iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 1 Grim Visage by Chained-Fei Grim Visage :iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 3
Vagabond Soul
Cometh he, sudden as thy heart doth beat
Forthwith, does thine love-made muscle bleat
With hair the shade of fading embers
His image as dream while mind doth sleep.
Oh intemperate eyes who can ne'er mark their shine
From the wine-dark sea, the slumb'ring forests green
And then as silver as the stars and their kine
Not a man is this, these eyes make and mean.
Nor such a man hath marked in hist'ries song,
Yet how didst this one slip silent through the cracks?
A visage of such like, Forgotten? Wrong.
The unforgetting soul his parallax.
Ah yes, this face as timeless as love pure!
He is ageless, as yearless as the price.
Those eyes serve as aeons eternal lure,
And soul recalls the bitter sacrifice.
No measure of mine words could dictate well,
Nor couldst I ever hope but to relate-
These, the fathomless depths of this man's years.
Mere words could not stir you, of his fate.
For words do not take breath, or speak, or act.
Words are deaf and blind unto his span.
The gravity, the weight is what
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 0
The Immortal Dead
From earth we come and to earth do we return
Our blood now laid out here, upon this ground.
Who knows in life what passions with which we burned,
Not the barren landscape where we are found.
We who speak are silent dead, the nameless many;
This is the legacy only we can impart.
Our names are endless, as is our suff'rd ending
A timeless death, brought on us by a timeless art.
We nameless, faceless, unknowable ghosts
Whose lifetime struggles spare you our own pain,
Gladly pay the price that's asked of us
Though this, our end, our one and only gain.
Our flesh, our bones lay with friend and foe,
In death, the contention in our lives seems trite.
What visitor could now pick and know
Which bones were comrades,  and which were foe's in life?
In our immortal form, we wander still
Perhaps beyond we rage and hunt and kill.
Better for your mind that we now rest;
In plains, in unmarked graves, upon the hills.
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 5
The Glass Tapestry - Chapt 1.1
Chapter The First:
Prelude to Wings
The sun sifted through the autumn-time red's and gold's as the wind teased and tugged at the branches of the forest.  Mountains loomed in the distance, already capped with white.  The sound of rustling through the leaves ushered thoughts of a lush green sea through the mind of a small boy child, aged no more than nine.
His russet hair shifted and fluttered in the breeze, his head resting against the trunk of one of the oaks.  His ocean blue eyes were sullen and dreamy as he sat amidst falling leaves.  His face was devoid of smile, as he rested against the old tree, his features fixed between sleepy and thoughtful.  One leg straight, the other with knee bent to rest his hand upon.
He idly picked at the scab on his right knee, evidence of an earlier scrape with rocks.  He noted a spider crawling across his other leg, but merely watched it without incident.  "Should be getting somewhe
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 1 0
Mature content
The Glass Tapestry - Prologue :iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 2 0
Fragile Clay
Fragile Clay
A Poem-by Marcus Phillips
Rise, awaken from bitter ashes,
Thrust upon this mortal coil,
Up in heaven, Icarus crashes,
Into cruel besotten soil.
Formless mass... Eternal still...
Wating for a dreamer's touch.
Spoiled soul by Pandora's ill,
Wishing that it were not such.
Path is hammered, tooth and nail,
Might we yet change the course ordained?
Shape takes form, of beauty pale,
A fae's cruel touch, in matter's plain.
Form is tainted, folded wrong,
Changing shape from Angel's tears.
Voice confused at misplaced song,
Love misplaced, confirming fears.
Strove towards light, and found an errant,
Showed the road, yet it is long.
Angel's voice shows his Love apparent,
Could it be, line chosen wrong?
A man... yet so defined is odd,
To chose a path between two fates,
Could this yet be an act of God?
Has this path been cho
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 0
Shades of Grey
Shades of Gray
A poem by Shimitsu Kaoru (Marcus Phillips)
Mine Vision bestowed with black and white,
Mine Heart indulged in thus cruel world's stage.
Eyes unseeing judge twixt wrong and right,
Soul thus imbued polarities rage.
Thine eyes do see thus how twisted formed
That 'Truth' wherein no exception hides,
Share not the furies mankind has worn....
See truth with thine blessed inward eyes.
This, thy stage, unjustly given life
Thy soul weighed with rules and thus condemned.
Taught proudly yin and yang's bitter strife...
Never name thy passion thus a friend.
A world whence monotony didst thrive
Did bare you proudly up with open arms.
Shun the views of healthy, proper lives...
And then embrace the truth's blessed charms.
This sphere doth not run on left or right
Nor are there lines which cut thine soul in two.
Good and Evil vary in degrees,
Single sin does not to hell accrue.
Tis' not black ink writ on ghostly page
Tis' grande plethora of unique days.
Recall thy world's dam
:iconchained-fei:Chained-Fei 0 3


Evelyn Zacharias [CM] by ValiantMurder Evelyn Zacharias [CM] :iconvaliantmurder:ValiantMurder 101 20 Commission: Roberta by janvill Commission: Roberta :iconjanvill:janvill 32 7 Prep Up! (by Cuisin) by Brellom
Mature content
Prep Up! (by Cuisin) :iconbrellom:Brellom 323 30
Rule 63: Sonic and Tails by Len-Abendroth Rule 63: Sonic and Tails :iconlen-abendroth:Len-Abendroth 166 11 Apothecary CM | Broodmother by maws-paws
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Apothecary CM | Broodmother :iconmaws-paws:maws-paws 246 19
What A Show by maws-paws
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What A Show :iconmaws-paws:maws-paws 626 28
Blood of the Dragon by Pizza-Surgeon Blood of the Dragon :iconpizza-surgeon:Pizza-Surgeon 192 6 Samus Aran Cosplay by Samus-Cosplay Samus Aran Cosplay :iconsamus-cosplay:Samus-Cosplay 747 84 Vivian and Lillian Armored Up by ashion Vivian and Lillian Armored Up :iconashion:ashion 65 13 Bodyscape 4 by Kooki99
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Bodyscape 4 :iconkooki99:Kooki99 51 11
Evalyn and Airomed by Speeh
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Evalyn and Airomed :iconspeeh:Speeh 2,917 69
NicoMaki by mongrelthedark NicoMaki :iconmongrelthedark:mongrelthedark 494 25 Baby Shower Beauty by expansion-fan-comics Baby Shower Beauty :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 651 11 StC - Hatsune Miku by Marrazan StC - Hatsune Miku :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,020 92 Requ. - Kimiko 4 by Marrazan Requ. - Kimiko 4 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,420 23 Kamenkewl Request by SPOOKY-GH0ST Kamenkewl Request :iconspooky-gh0st:SPOOKY-GH0ST 587 20
It is uncommon of me to talk about nostalgia or the good old days.  My initial exposure to the internet opened a world to me that perhaps was a little different than what others might have discovered.

For me, the stories are what fascinated me about the internet.  Initially, it was Gargoyles Fanfiction (Back during the era when Gargoyles did not, in fact, suck).  It opened my eyes to the potential of fan based fiction.

Afterwards, I was drawn to the Ranma 1/2 fiction community.  To me, it seemed as if it was a golden age of fandom, and while I went neglected concerning some experiences (Such as anime conventions), I felt a connection with the fan community.  Back then we were a tight knit sort, the Ranma 1/2 community, and on a whole it dominated the fan landscape.

Tenchi, Sailor Moon, Ranma, and a few others were my generations starter series.  So very different from the series nowadays such as Bleach, FMA, and others.  For the fan community, Ranma provided a wide open world of possibility.  Takahashi had fleshed out the basic templates of her characters while leaving depth gracefully untouched on the whole.

Even so, Fans often took sides in the eternal battle of which Fiancee was the true one.  The Worshippers of Shampoo (WOS), The Knights of the True Fiancee (KTF), and a number of other odd ball groups for the various girls in Ranma's life.

I, as my friends would put it, decided to go east with the subject.  I had been fascinated with Richard Lawson's "Thy Outward Part" series, Nicholas Leifker's "Sunrise" and "Iris" stories, and Krista Perry's pseudo-once-epic Hearts of Ice.

I'd always been a fan of Onna-Ranma, and so my story would examine what the curse was to Ranma and what might happen if someone were to serve more as a genuine listening post and heartfelt friend to Ranma.  I chose someone from the cast who had been more underdeveloped than even the main cast, allowing some amount of leeway and flexibility to the story.

And promptly got stuck two years after beginning the rather tremendous story I wanted to tell.  Ten years later, I still struggle to continue the story, partly because ten years ago I fell into poor habits which consumed practically all of my time.

Nowadays, the Ranma fandom has dwindled and fragmented, and there is precious little holding it together.  When once it was common to have thousands of hits on my page alone, and tens of thousands on others on a weekly basis... nowadays, there is hardly any traffic.

Perhaps it was all subsumed by, initially a well meaning website, now just a method to murder a true writers sanity (Due largely to their punishingly torturous submissions standards which edit out many commonly used characters to differentiate between thoughts, speech and other languages).

Perhaps people merely became bored of the series and moved onward to better things.

Perhaps they all grew up and realized that fandom didn't produce anything towards their own betterment...

Regardless, I will always miss those golden days of the internet, when all was shiny and new, and all seemed possible.  While the world continues to change and advance, the energy which once permeated the heart of my adulation has seemingly gone out.

I hope, one day, it shall ignite again...
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